Imagineering on Mars

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If a permanent colony of humans are to survive on Mars, they will need to live off the air, sand and rock resources on the surface of Mars. 

Imagineering on Mars discusses how engineers and scientists on earth could help the Martian settlers by developing the machines and factories to transform the stuff of Mars into life sustaining materials.

Martian Satellites - Phobos & Deimos



Mass (1015 kg) 10.8

Mass (1015 kg) 1.8

Mean density (kg/m3) 1900 Mean density (kg/m3)  1750

Mean distance from Mars (km) 9377

Mean distance from Mars (km)  23436

Sidereal orbit period (days) 0.31891 Sidereal orbit period (days)  1.26244

Orbital inclination (deg) 1.08

Orbital inclination (deg) 1.79

Orbital eccentricity 0.0151 Orbital eccentricity  0.00033

Major axis radius (km) 13

Major axis radius (km)  8

Minor axis radius (km) 9 Minor axis radius (km)  5

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