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Imagineeringezine.com is dedicated to imagineering.  It has over 800 pages which includes:  circuit schematics designed by Dave and sections covering creativity, inventing, electronics, the consulting profession, science and technology, gardening and much more.  Imagineeringezine.com which promotes creativity and imagination,  is loaded with information for hobbyists, scientists and engineers.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.  Albert Einstein

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Imagineering, Got Ideas?

Walt Disney is credited  with having coined the word "Imagineering."   As used in the title, Imagineering Ezine, it means: "the imaginative application of  engineering sciences."  Perhaps a more simple definition would be: "being creative with engineering." 


The Design Corner
  Isn't that Interesting?
David A. Johnson, P.E. is an consulting electronics engineer.  Electronics is his passion, as well as his vocation and hobby.  Dave Johnson  is a published author with articles and designs in EDN, Electric Design, Midnight Engineering and Popular Electronics.   Throughout his career, Dave's imaginative approach to electronic design has resulted in applying new technologies in creative and cost saving ways for his clients.
  • www.discovercircuits.com was developed because of your interest in the hobby circuit section.  You will find circuits designed by David A. Johnson and  links to more than 26,000+ electronic circuit schematics which have been carefully placed and cross-referenced into 550 categories.    New circuits and/or links are added regularly.

  • www.djandassoc.com describes the scope of his services, present and past projects, credentials, etc. 
  • www.discoversolarenergy.com, a comprehensive resource of more than 8,000+ renewable energy links  to relevant websites of individuals, governments and organizations.   The links are cross-referenced to help homeowners, engineers, hobbyists, teachers and students find quick answers to issues relating to alternative energy.

The E-Zine represents 30 years of collecting material and
thoughts of our publisher, David A. Johnson, P.E.    
Please visit often.  New material will be added regularly. -- Jan Johnson, Editor

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