Imagineering, Got Ideas?
Updated on:  Thursday, December 17, 2015 01:46 PM

Walt Disney is credited  with having coined the word "Imagineering."  
As used in the title, Imagineering Ezine, it means: "the imaginative application of engineering sciences." 
Perhaps a more simple definition would be: "
being creative with engineering



  • Fringe Science and the Lone Inventor       Fringe science is some of my thoughts about good science that is poorly managed and bad science that can often fool someone.  I also discuss some of my personal experiences in dealing with inventors and some descriptions of actual "cutting edge" or   if you prefer "fringe" science projects on which I have worked.
  • The Creative Person       My description of the creative person is a revision of an article I published years ago in the magazine "Midnight Engineering."
  • Searching for New Ideas      Searching for new ideas is another revised article from "Midnight Engineering" that discusses some of the methods I have used to come up with new product ideas.
  • Steps in Product Development      For those inventors who have developed a product or in the process of developing one, I have included some steps a product must go through to be successful.
  • Ideas Lost and Found       The section discusses how patent laws can actually prevent an idea from ever becoming known to the world.
  • I will be adding some information about inventors and the inventing process. Check What's New to see what has been added since your last visit.
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