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Walt Disney is credited  with having coined the word "Imagineering."  
As used in the title, Imagineering Ezine, it means: "the imaginative application of engineering sciences." 
Perhaps a more simple definition would be: "
being creative with engineering

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Searching for New Ideas
The following  is a revised discussion from article
I published in the March-April issue of Midnight Engineering magazine.
Although Thomas Edison said that his inventions came through mostly perspiration and only little from inspiration, imagination does play an important part in the process of generating new products or services. It usually takes a lot of hard work and a little luck to turn an imagined concept into a profitable business. Every new business begins with an idea. Many people, itching to start their own business, may have the resources and experience to form a new company but they may lack the right product or service to market. Other people, who already have a thriving business may wish to expand their markets. In each case, what may be lacking is the bare business concept, a new idea. Having a good idea is no guarantee that the company will be successful, but it is better than having a company with no good ideas. My goal for this article is to provide the entrepreneur with some tools and methods to help him generate a list of potentially marketable products or services. In later discussions I will furnish some guidelines to aid in the decision process for determining which ideas to keep and which to throw away.
If you're an entrepreneur,  you should never be satisfied with just one product or service idea to develop. A list of several dozen potential money makers is much more efficient. I have seen many would-be inventors stop searching after their very first idea. After pouring their life savings into a their new mouse trap, just to find out that nobody has mice, they seldom made another attempt with a new concept. A better approach is to have lots of ideas and have the courage to quickly abandon one dead-end concept in favor of another more promising one.
Some people have a real passion for new ideas. Instead of collecting coins, stamps, beer cans or computer games they tend to collect ideas. I  fit into such a category. I love science and engineering and I spend much of my spare time reading about it. Every new technology that is announced produces a whole series of new invention ideas for my list. Whenever time permits I play with an idea in my mind and sometimes I'll tinker with it in my laboratory. I'll toy with the idea until I'm satisfied with its potential or limitations. Sometimes I'll fill a few pages in a notebook with some additional thoughts and experimental results. But, since I never seem to have enough time or money, the idea usually stays on paper. Very few ideas ever get very much more attention.  It is just that I enjoy discovering the idea more than the process new project development. It's too bad one can't make money selling ideas. It is hard lesson to learn. Many would-be inventors start their conversations with me by saying, "I have a great idea for a new product, but I don't have the resources to developed it, so I would like to find someone who will buy the idea and pay me a royalty once it is developed." Such dreams are never fulfilled.
Many times, I read about a new product or service that has a familiar sound to it. Sure enough, after careful examination, it closely resembles an idea I had years earlier. I then open my note book and scratch out another idea that had aged too long. This happens to all of us. You had an idea but took no action. Someone else had the same idea but built a whole business around it. Such is life. You can either be an observer or a participant in a world of fast moving ideas. But of course no one has the time to explore every new concept that comes to mind. You rely on your instinct and go with the ones that seem right. But, it is the person who lacks any ideas that I would like to help.

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