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Physical Item Collections  --- Baseball cards, football cards, soccer and hockey card collections, stamps, coins, famous photographs, photos of paintings. Trade, buy or sell the items. Scan the items and make the information available. Also, many people might like to see what an old baseball card or an old indian head penny looks like.
Graphic Arts Collections  ---Clip art, drawings, sketches, line illustrations, moving illustrations. Maybe a site could act as a broker for 100s of graphic artists that make the drawings. They might make money on the basis of how many of their drawings are sold. One site could make available millions of drawings.
Art --- Paintings, photographs, reprints, large prints from 35mm slides. Place for selling original paintings and photographs. Digitizing services, converting photos to large prints, big murals and wall paper.
Music Audio  --- Try it before you buy it. Place for selling vanity songs recorded by artist, some may also be written by the artist. Automatic audio to sheet music conversion. Audio books. Custom CDs, with specific music recorded on them. Trade and sell old 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM records. Old jazz, hit singles, unknown gems. Many people may not mind paying about $1 per selection of music. But, the sale must be done legally.
Voice Audio --- Systems that can convert text into human speech that sounds normal. Audio books. Perhaps contract someone to read a book, record the audio and sell the audio in digital form.
Writings --- Poems, novels, handbooks, cookbooks, technical papers. Books in electronic form on discs. Place to sell narrow topic books or even handbooks. Maybe $0.10 per page.
Home Improvement --- Collection of local contractors, electricians, landscaping, sprinkler systems, roofers, painters, interior decorators. More detail than possible with a yellow page add. One stop shopping for expert service companies.
Real Estate --- Neighborhood movies showing home and surroundings to potential home buyers. Electronic data on homes, photos, floor plans viewable on laptop. Overhead photos, nearby schools etc. Movies of inside house, walk through it on the Internet. Global positioning coordinates of homes. Exact position of home for sale, overlay location onto regional map. Setup such system for agents and home sellers, sell franchise in other cities.
Product Announcements --- Site that is a one stop place to look for new products. Technology breakthroughs etc. Maybe concentrate on only one type of business. Example, electronic components.
Other Services --- Neighborhood maps. Custom maps for hotels, shows nearby highways, fast food places, etc.
Any Narrow Subject Information Center --- Collect all kinds of information on a single subject. Specific dog, cat, horse breeds.
High School or College Year Book Center --- Scan the entire yearbook and link it with search engines. Provide the service to the school so the data might be added to their web site.
Any Unique Handbook on a Narrow Subject --- Care and feeding of a specific dog or cat breed. How-to manuals.
Electronic Circuit Schematic Library --- Tens of thousands of electronic circuit schematics. Allow users to freely access or down-load any of the circuits. Might also sell entire library of schematics on a few CDs or DVDs. Let users look at a schematic without charge.   Support the site through banner ads.   I liked this idea so much that I started one --
Any Catalog of Very Specific Items for Sale --- Surplus or used computer monitors.
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