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If a permanent colony of humans are to survive on Mars, they will need to live off the air, sand and rock resources on the surface of Mars. 

Imagineering on Mars discusses how engineers and scientists on earth could help the Martian settlers by developing the machines and factories to transform the stuff of Mars into life sustaining materials.

Renewed Interest in Mars

Viking Mars Lander The Viking Mars Landers was launched on the heels of the Apollo Moon landings. In fact, most of the electronic parts used in the Viking spacecraft came from the Apollo program. As a young engineer, 27 years ago, I worked on the Viking Mars Lander. I tested the batteries and the electronic controllers used to maintain the batteries and worked on some of the power supplies and guidance control systems. For me, fresh from college, it was exciting work.

Following the two successful mid 1970's Viking landings, interest in Mars faded. In fact, it seemed that interest in space in general had faded.  Now after a long 20 year hiatus, Mars is once again in the spotlight. Perhaps it was the recent discovery that Mars may have had bacteriological life, as hinted by some meteorites that may have originated from Mars. Or, perhaps it was the more recent successful surface exploration missions involving a small wheeled robot named "Sojourner" that re-captured interest in Mars.  Whatever the reason, people are once again talking about sending humans to Mars.
And why not go to Mars?   The United States economy is doing well and we are not waging a major war. It is time for a new generation to get excited about Mars. If the world society really wanted to go to Mars, we could do it in as little as 10 years from now. The first missions would be for exploration, rock collection and searching for water and mineral resources. If those missions prove successful, I think people might be ready to leave earth and to start a new life on Mars.

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