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Walt Disney is credited  with having coined the word "Imagineering."  
As used in the title, Imagineering Ezine, it means: "the imaginative application of engineering sciences." 
Perhaps a more simple definition would be: "
being creative with engineering

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The Creative Person

This discussion has been revised from an article Dave wrote for the
Jan-Feb 1990 issue of Midnight Engineering magazine.
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No one seems to know who coined the term "Imagineering" but I always interpreted it to mean: "the imaginative application of the engineering sciences". Perhaps a simple definition might be: "being creative with engineering". In this day and age technical knowledge alone or an active imagination alone is simply not enough to bring about real scientific changes or technological breakthroughs. It seems to take a combination of learned wisdom and a creative spirit to produce something truly novel.
I have observed this principle over and over during my many years of working with inventors. Most inventors fell into two major categories. They were either non-technical whose ideas were unique but suffered from one or more flaws or they were technical whose ideas were built on sound scientific principles but were not very original. The best ideas I reviewed came from highly creative individuals who had technical backgrounds and whose ideas were fresh and timely. This blend of creativity with engineering concepts is what imagineering is all about. Whether it is writing a new software program, inventing a new product or creating a new service the individual and his creativity is the foundation for any new enterprise.
In order to understand the creative mechanisms that produce good imagineering, one needs first to understand the personality traits of the creative person. Allow me to share some of my collective observations of the most creative individuals I have known. Perhaps many of you will recognize some of your own qualities. Later, in future issues I will provide additional examples of imagineering, describe a few engineer-turned-inventor success stories, discuss some methods to help improve your own creativity and supply you with places to look for new product and service ideas.
The creative people I have known never fell into any stereotypical image. None of them appeared to be what Hollywood might depict as a mad scientist. They were also not nerds with pockets full of pencils who wore white shirts and had body odor. However, they were not pinstripe suit wearers either. Most preferred a casual dress style that would easily blend into a crowded street without attracting any attention.

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