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  The Consulting Profession

David A. Johnson, P.E. survived the life of a consultant for 17 years, a rare feat in the world of consulting engineers. Many people ask how I am able to make a living and put up with the craziness of consulting.

The intention of this section is to provide working consultants and those considering becoming a consultant with insight into what a consultant does to be successful. The sections listed below will give you a peek into the life of a consultant, thoughts, methods of promoting business and some discussions about how difficult it can be to maintain a positive outlook and a positive cash flow.

  What is a Consulting Engineer?
  What is a P.E. License?
  Correspondence to other Consultants
  So You Want to Be a Consultant  
  Consulting Methods & Practices 
  Dave's Business Journal


Please send comments and suggestions. Networking  is the best way to generate new client leads, promote business, and give needed encouragement to each other


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