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    Introduction to Capacitance Proximity Switches
   Updated on:  Friday, December 18, 2015 08:20 AM


Units of Capacitance  
Dielectric Constant Definition   
Human Body Capacitance  

Excitation Circuits
Capacitance Change Sensor Circuits 
Interface Circuits  



  • Human hand, finger or foot activated switches.

  • Indestructible electronic switch replacements for standard toggle or push-button switches.  Great for museums, exhibits, interactive displays, jails, schools or hospitals switches for wheel chairs or for the handicapped.

  • Object sensors, including humans.

  • Automatic product quality inspection, missing part, empty bottle.

  • Fluid level sensors, liquids and powders.

  • Lighting controls, touch activated dimmers.

  • Hand “hover” switches, activated without making contact with any surface.

  • Through glass, wall or door switches.

  • Touch sequence switch controls.  Touching one button could control multiple loads.

  • Detecting human feet from beneath a floor.

  • Non contact object sensors for material handling needs.

  • Security alarms, human motion detection, hidden alarm reset switch.


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